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We are Chicago-based videographers capturing intimate engagements and marriages in a compelling, cinematic style. From traditional weddings to modest elopements, we offer unique and striking visuals that preserve your special moment within a vivid, living memory.

Originality, authenticity, and beauty define our craft. Amid the laughter, love, and tears of any wedding day, we strive to transform the essence of your experience into a future, forever treasure. Ready your model face, and we’ll unfold the imagery into a captivating story.

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You are ready to tie the knot with your partner and eternalize your love within a stunning heirloom. As you cherish the past and celebrate the future, we are inspired to transform a creative vision into an everlasting memory. 


Whether your wedding venue resides within a temple, garden, beach or backyard, we’ll work with your needs to ensure an elegant piece.  

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Films are stories brought out to life.

The heart skipped a beat

A smile is drawn on your face

A tear runs down your cheek

A breathtaking moment is experienced.

I want to be the reason behind this reactions of the audience

I want to be responsible for every scene produced

I want to be a Filmmaker!

Filmmaking is a Passion from both the Heart and Soul

To make a living doing what they love is a dream for all, 

I want to live the dream!

The dream I'm told.


So I rebelled to the traditional route,

lost in my craft I have found,

A happiness that no one can replace

follow your passion and don't count your days.

"We must act out passion before we can feel it."

-Jean-Paul Sartre

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 High quality and professionalism

Kurt is dependable and exceptionally talented. He did an amazing job capturing the highlights of our wedding day. The video is great quality, not boring, flows well, and you could tell he knows what he is doing. He cares about your vision and is open to taking feedback. I love that he was easy to work with and reliable. His responses are timely as well. I would recommend choosing him for videography!! 


Sent on 10/25/2021

Maggie, G