Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Looking for an extraordinary dining experience? The team at Chama Gaucha Brazliana

Steakhouse offers an endless stream of service and tradition to your table. As you bask

in the warm ambiance of hickory wood, exquisite stone tiling, and orange bistro lighting,

you’re met with an array of Brazilian meats, exotic charcuterie, and house-made salads.

Steak, filet, lamb, chicken, pork and other tender cuts are slow-roasted over an

authentic churrascaria to capture and enrich every flavor to perfection. Each quality

meat is hand-selected daily before seasoned and smoked by the gaucho (trained

Brazilian chef), enhancing the natural flavors to present an essence of Southern Brazil.

As you slowly immerse yourself within the authentic Latin culture and company, you’ll

choose from an assortment of succulent meats, including prime-cut sirloin,

bacon-wrapped filet, grilled pork ribs, and ribeye sprinkled with sea salt.

Vegetarian guests can enjoy a salad bar brimming with a variety of fresh vegetables,

exotic cheeses, homemade dressing, and p o de queijo, the famous Brazilian cheese


The restaurant also pays homage to the art of wine with its global list of award-winning

wine selections, each with complex notes to pair with the fire-roasted dishes. Along with

fine wines, draft beers and signature cocktails are served, including chama sangria,

green tea martinis, and pineapple mojitos.

While the dishes are marbled with complex flavors, this upscale gastro bistro values the

simplicity of gathering around the churrasco and sharing stories. Whether it’s a family

reunion, wedding reception, cocktail party, or a solo stop, Chama Gaucha forms a hub

for families across the globe. Since 2008, the owner Jo o Carlos Ongaratto cultivated

his skills with Fogo de Ch o and brought his concept of the Brazilian Steakhouse to life,

striving to make every occasion unique through a welcoming venue.

Treat your family, friends and coworkers to upscale dining by hosting one of your

private or corporate events, supplied by the Special Events Team. Each room is set with

elegant silverware and a contrast of parched white and brown linen, inviting up to 80

guests. The warm, red hues paired with the hickory hardwood creates a classy and

comfortable atmosphere. With an evident pursuit for perfection and an emphasis on

expressing tradition, the restaurant staff brings prompt and continuous world-class

service and hospitality that never disappoint.

The restaurant crew caters each guest with swift table-side service, but the customer is

also offered control through a red and green-sided card. The green side signifies that

you’re ready to be served, whereas the red side shows that you’re sated. While this

two-sided card makes for a smooth dining experience, it may also act as a double-edged

sword as you struggle with self-discipline and your enticed taste buds!

This bistro-bar is already a family favorite for many, allowing indulgence in the ethnic

tastes and atmosphere of South America without straying too far from home. Walk in a

customer and leave feeling like a part of the Chama Gaucha family.

Stop by at their Chicago, Houston, or San Antonia location and receive a free dinner for

two after spending $2000 or more on any of our services.

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