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Murtaza and Sarah’s Lavish Wedding

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Sarah and Murtaza’s wedding unfolded in the beautiful Tandoori Banquet, and like

many Indian weddings, this event gleamed with opulence. Decked out in dazzling peach

and gold decor, this venue glowed with colors of prosperity and comradery. Each table

was ornamented with tall, gold-plated vases blooming with white peonies and blushing

roses, surrounded by family and friends dressed in chic suits and colorful sarees.

Sarah’s wedding saree flowed with the soft peach and gold theme, her face framed with a

maang tikka and her bodice embedded with sparkling jewels. Elaborate henna adorned

her limbs, appearing to carry the blood and spirit of her culture.

Like the traditions mixing within the gowns and embellishments, there was a warm air

of union between Murtaza and Sarah as well as their intertwining families. Speeches

were filled with humor as the mic passed from hand to hand. Murtaza’s three older

sisters took the stage energetically, displaying a sheet of paper that unfolded into a scroll

detailing all their embarrassing yet heartfelt stories.

With the room filled with laughter and playful banter, the sisters made sure to proclaim

their joy and respect for watching their younger brother’s growth into a humble,

hardworking, and empathetic man. It was touching to watch the siblings

whole-heartedly welcome Sarah into their family, expressing the closeness they felt

before even meeting.

As more loved ones took the stage to share their stories, a refined trailer of romance,

friendship, and familial love unravelled, displaying the intertwining of not only Murtaza

and Sarah, but their families who accepted the two with open arms. The personalities

were as colorful as their garb, yet they all mixed harmoniously.

Whether it was simply arguing over the superiority of The Office or sharing a despise for

ketchup, a close connection formed between two people, which then branched into a

kinship between a group of family members and friends. As told by Murtaza’s

stepbrother, the essence of marriage is “finding common ground and balance in all

things, even if you don’t always agree.” Our other half helps to uncover and embolden

different parts of ourselves, and despite any tug and pull, you always draw closer into

one another.

Sitting together on the gold Victorian settee, between mother and father, Sarah and

Murtaza looked like a regal couple. As their family and friends expressed, the two looked

like they belonged together. We were careful to catch Sarah’s loving gaze up at Murtaza

during their slow dance, her eyes conveying her love.

Despite the glamorous decor, mass of guests, and the thali feast, warmth and

compassion permeated the room, creating a close-knit sense of belonging for even the

onlookers. The laughter and jokes of the family relieved any stress from planning and

preparations. With the coupling of traditional ceremony and lavish celebration, the

union felt truly special to document.

We worked to capture these warm ceremonies celebrating the embrace between love

and culture. The energy, dynamic and humor of the family uplifted everyone’s spirits,

which will forever persist through their personalized video and photo album.

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