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Jackie and Joe’s Whimsical Wedding

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The union between Jackie and Joe was a heartfelt display of a romantic and spiritual

bond. As the couple savored their “first look,” they read each other’s personal vows in an

intimate, rustic-style studio. Through glassy eyes, choked-back emotions spilled through

the lips of these best friends-turned-lovers. You could feel the weight of their eager I

love you’s that they both longed to hear as their relationship blossomed over six years.

The pair’s love kindled a memory in Joe’s mother, who reminisced on Joe’s birth as a

small, thin baby finally giving his first cry. She expressed the complex emotions of many

mothers preparing to watch their child leave the nest, growing into the person they are

today and sharing their life with their soulmate.

And like a mother’s nest, the venue was ornamented with natural simplicity; a tracery of

white branches woven with fairy lights, white curtains, pine cones and peonies created a

gorgeous backdrop for the arber built of branches. Joe and his groomsmen dressed in

quaint black and white suites, but included the natural floral theme in the print of their


Following her bridesmaids wrapped in emerald, Jackie displayed a lovely tulle gown

ornamented with a jewel lining. Bouquets of daisies and gypsophila created a pure and

earthy ambiance. The natural simplicity and modesty of the wedding coupled beautifully

with the lover’s homage to their spirituality and teaching one another peace, courage

and sacrifice.

The two truly melted into one another as they shared their vows. “Your ability to live as

if you’re experiencing everything for the first time makes your joy so infectious to those

around you,” Jackie smiled at Joe.

For many, marriage invites you into a new world—your spouse’s world—as you’re met

with new perspectives, opportunities, and challenges. The novelty is refreshing and

exciting, especially when you have your partner there to guide you. You start to adopt

some of your partner’s strongest traits, and likewise, as you both evolve into your best


While Jackie and Joe looked to one another for guidance, they also looked to God and

church to continue the flowering of their self-development as well as their growing


With Jackie’s arms resting around Joe’s neck wrapped in a romantic slow dance, the

pair seemed like the only two in the world. We carefully captured this intimate moment

as they cradled one another within the dim-lit studio.

They seemed to help uncover parts of each other that they grappled with, parts that felt

alien and undeveloped, and melded them into their characters so that they became

stronger and wiser than before.

Following the wedding, we took stunning photos of the group with the city landscape, lit

by street lamps, string lights, and the bistro glow. Their friends clapped and cheered as

the newly weds shared another kiss, the overhanging string of lights creating a gorgeous

arch of light above them.

We worked to capture the warm, intimate setting of Jackie and Joe’s union, ensuring all

their heartfelt and cherished moments were compiled into a unique and engaging story

portraying their love and growth.

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