Mercedes and Quintel Wedding

Mercedes and Quintel Smith’s wedding took place at the luxurious Sheraton Hotel in

Lisle, IL. A black, red and gold theme gleamed throughout both the banquet and outfits.

Grand rose bouquets in trumpet vases ornamented the gold sequin table cloth and

champagne drapery, a lavishness carried throughout the black bridesmaid gowns and

gold vests of the groom and groomsmen.

While the guests of honor waltzed down the aisle decked out in gems and black shades,

the mystery and leeriness cultivated through hard years quickly melted away into warm

embraces between the intertwining families.

We were careful to document the candid, teary emotions of Mercedes and Quintel as

they read one another’s private vows. They conveyed how much they cherished one

another, promising to stand together against any challenges to come. Following their

declarations of eternal love, they joined hands beneath the lofty arch draped in white

chiffon. A winding, golden vine unfolded into a gorgeous jeweled ring resting on a red


Mercedes modelled a stunning strapless gown with elaborate embroidery throughout

the bodice and tulle. Her veil flowed from an elegant crystal crown, a regal and classic

look. Quintel also stood out in his golden tux and pendant, but his humbleness outshone

his appearance as he shed tears echoing his vows. Family and friends laughed and wiped

their own tears, witnessing the vulnerable side slip out from the tough man.

“The two outside candles represent two things,” the pastor began, “distinct lights each

capable of going its own way to bring joy and harmony to your home. There must be a

merging of these two flames into one. It symbolizes that your individual personalities

remain, yet from this day forward, by God, they are merged together as one.”

Mercedes and Quintel each held a candle and alighted a flame on a single wick before

sharing a kiss and dancing down the aisle hand-in-hand. They further exemplified their

union by mixing various colors of sand into a vase, guiding their kids’ hands as they


We panned across the table of treasures: portraits of family and friends, chain necklaces,

a notebook etched with personal messages, and a glitter gold stiletto, all heirlooms

telling a meaningful narrative. From a distance, we caught the intimate gathering of the

pair seated in suede chairs against the fireplace, hands still nested within the other’s.

In Mercedes' private video before the ceremony, she shared the story of her and

Quintel’s meeting through the severe injury of her best friend, who also happened to be

Quintel’s cousin. While they watched over the healing of their shared loved one, an

instant spark and connection kindled between the two. Mercedes reminisced on

Quintel’s surprise proposal at dinner through a ring carried out on a platter of chocolate,

two of her favorite things in one.

The pair shared their intimacy during the traditional slow dance, their young daughter

propped within their arms. “They’ve come a long way and conquered it,” a family

member expressed, leading to the DJ enlivening the party and the crowd spilling out

onto the dancefloor.

We were so grateful to be a part of this celebration and to document all the intimate

moments, stories, and characters at this wedding!

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