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Michael & Krissy’s Charming Wedding

Krissy and Michael’s union unfurled into a picturesque piece externalizing their 11-year-long

love story. The high school sweethearts reminisced on their meeting during theatre club and the connection that kindled during their joint performance on stage. Even as Michael and Krissy stood back to back, relishing their “first looks,” the two still cast glimpses of giddiness, their infatuation for one another fresh as their first meeting.

Michael’s pining and persistence for Krissy was nearly tangible even through the lens, how a

high school crush bloomed into a lifelong relationship. “Can you believe?” Krissy uttered,

expressing her awe at both the couple’s growth and start of a new chapter.

Becoming husband and wife is an exciting transition, but we’ve all been warned that

monotonous routine can pose a roadblock. Yet Michael and Krissy take a whimsical view on

their new roles, cherishing even the mundane moments in life. Whether it’s “standing in the yard picking weeds together or having Mexican food at least once a week,” they’re excited for this next stage of their lives.

This pure and simple beauty also reflected throughout the wedding ceremony. Long linen tables sprinkled with candles and greenery scaled through the banquet with guests seated on one side, displaying their close-knit bonds. The gold seating and suede drapery above the sash windows opened to a stunning landscape of the country club fields, curling into a woody horizon.

The groom and groomsmen carried this earthy ambiance within the pink buds pinned to their gray suits. Viney embroidery curled through Krissy’s lace bodice and tulle as she sported a romantic curled updo ornamented with pearls. Her smile glowed as she peered up at Michael, who still flashed some moments of shyness.

We captured Krissy and Michael’s intimate waltz down the aisle, the pair’s eyes reflecting the

fierceness of their loyal love, the consistent strength of their feelings, and the infatuation that

burned since the age of 15.

Michael laughed about his younger self struggling to dress, stumbling over his words, and being known by everyone as “the theatre kid.” But Krissy became a motivator for Michael’s

transformation and development, helping him to swell into strength and confidence “For as long as I can remember I've had the goal of becoming a better person and growing into becoming a man that you deserve.”

Krissy’s dad offered some conjugal advice, suggesting that maintaining a friendship will guide them through difficult times, while placing trust and stability over excitement and adventure. He advised against obsessing over what differs, and rather to focus on what compliments.

“My wish for you is a love that's modern enough to survive during these times but old fashioned enough to last forever,” he concluded.

As the pair slowly danced within the dim lights, hands nested perfectly against their chests, they appeared to melt into one another, accepting and strengthening each other’s unique qualities and characters.

The two took an oath to be one another’s ardent supporters, to always cherish the other as they cast open the next chapter of their adventures. “I promise to do my best to live our life in a way that, when we look back old and gray, we will be proud of the life we've built and shared together,” Krissy smiled.

We secured a shot of their wedding bands resting in a bouquet as the couple strolled beneath transparent umbrellas, glimmering with a gentle drizzle. “Here's to the past for all that you've learned, to the present for all that you share, and to the future for all that you have to look forward to together.”

Wedding date:


Wedding Party

Brides name: Krissy Ludlam

Spouse-To-Be's Name: Michael Vitello

Parent(s) name: Bob and Jill Ludlam

How many guests will be at your wedding?


Ceremony location - name and address Danada House -3S501 Naperville Rd, Wheaton, IL 60189

Reception location - name and address Danada House -3S501 Naperville Rd, Wheaton, IL 60189

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