Mercedes and Quintel Wedding

Mercedes and Quintel Smith’s wedding took place at the luxurious Sheraton Hotel in

Lisle, IL. A black, red and gold theme gleamed throughout both the banquet and outfits.

Grand rose bouquets in trumpet vases ornamented the gold sequin table cloth and

champagne drapery, a lavishness carried throughout the black bridesmaid gowns and

gold vests of the groom and groomsmen.

Jackie and Joe’s Whimsical Wedding

The union between Jackie and Joe was a heartfelt display of a romantic and spiritual

bond. As the couple savored their “first look,” they read each other’s personal vows in an

intimate, rustic-style studio. Through glassy eyes, choked-back emotions spilled through

the lips of these best friends-turned-lovers. You could feel the weight of their eager I

love you’s that they both longed to hear as their relationship blossomed over six years.


The pair’s love kindled a memory in Joe’s mother, who reminisced on Joe’s birth as a

small, thin baby finally giving his first cry. She expressed the complex emotions of many

mothers preparing to watch their child leave the nest, growing into the person they are

today and sharing their life with their soulmate.

Michael & Krissy’s Charming Wedding

Krissy and Michael’s union unfurled into a picturesque piece externalizing their 11-year-long love story. The high school sweethearts reminisced on their meeting during theatre club and the connection that kindled during their joint performance on stage. Even as Michael and Krissy stood back to back, relishing their “first looks,” the two still cast glimpses of giddiness, their infatuation for one another fresh as their first meeting.

Murtaza and Sarah’s Lavish Wedding

Sarah and Murtaza’s wedding unfolded in the beautiful Tandoori Banquet, and like

many Indian weddings, this event gleamed with opulence. Decked out in dazzling peach

and gold decor, this venue glowed with colors of prosperity and comradery. Each table

was ornamented with tall, gold-plated vases blooming with white peonies and blushing

roses, surrounded by family and friends dressed in chic suits and colorful sarees.

Shannon & Trace’s Classic Country Club Wedding

Shannon and Trace’s wedding formed within the stunning country club of St. Charles. The quaint
town became a cherished spot of remembrance as the couple's first gathering within a forest
preserve. They kindled their awe-struck love through a shared college life in panoramic Colorado before finally bringing their romance full-circle.
Trace’s mother reminisced on the youthful romance of these high school sweethearts, when
Trace serenaded Shannon with her favorite music before sneaking in their first kiss. Their story offered a picturesque glance of a single meeting unfolding into a fierce bond. Despite the pair’s travels through different states of the country and of life, they always stood side by side.

Daniel & Chana’s Smashing Wedding

Chana and Daniel’s wedding offered a taste of Jewish culture and a sense of interconnectivity
through tradition.
We captured a vivid shot of Chana peering between the hotel’s chiffon curtains, her lace gown spilling across the tile in a stunning halo. The dim lit studio embodied the excitement and
anticipation before the ceremony, coupled with the sense of singularity before union.


We documented the moments of her transformation from woman to wife as she and her bridesmaids prepared their blushing makeup and gentle curls.

We secured cinematic shots of silver bands, shiny loafers, glimmering stilettos, and the elaborate embroidery across bejeweled gowns; all heirlooms that harbor a treasured story.