Maribel & Nick's Wedding

Maribel & Nick's wedding formed at the Providence Vineyard in Illinois. The two is set to tie the knot outside but with the sky dimming and the rain started to pour in. They are now faced with a big decision to make.

Maribel and Nick met at work. As they got assigned to work together, not knowing how this situation will play out. They set aside their differences and discovered a deep sense of compatibility with each other. They became best friends! Through friendship, The root of their relationship became deeper and deeper until it grew to what they call now as the tree of love.

" God only knows all the hardship that I went through that ultimately lead me to meeting you. It felt like destiny. You are a gift from God to me. You showed me true unconditional love and for that i can't thank you enough. You brought me so much joy, healing and strength. You ignited my soul so furiously that it only brought out the very best in me." - Maribel

Watch how their full story unfold!

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